About David Birkin

What is omitted is as important as what is present in the photographs of David Birkin. The British artist combines original and appropriated images with sculpture and performance in pieces that investigate photography’s ability to capture loss, as well as the space between the political and personal, the public and private. He has covered an AP wire photo of a funeral in Kabul with bright blue lapis lazuli from Afghani mines, altered controversial war photographs with the addition of related names to the source code, and transformed ID numbers from the Iraqi Body Count database into color values with information about the person hidden within the JPEG filenames. In other works, Birkin relies on his subjects to define the pieces’ parameters, inviting people to share their secrets before a camera, opening and closing the shutter based on the length of their confessions.

British, b. 1977

Group Shows on Artsy

A Spectator on the Stands of History, Vohn Gallery, New York