David Brewster, ‘Corn Crib’, 2013, C. Grimaldis Gallery

About David Brewster

David Brewster’s dynamic, color-driven landscapes fuse the vibrancy of fauvism with the fractured figuration of cubism and futurism. Through Brewster’s brush, rural towns and pastoral vistas are transformed into topsy-turvy environments that verge on apocalyptic. Shards of space, rendered in acidic colors, swirl into scenes in which cottages, horses, and figures appear untethered—as if they are about to be consumed by their surroundings. Working en plein air, Brewster is inspired by abandoned and endangered environments. Recently, he explored the effects of climate change: “I’m drawn to recent climate disasters. . . . The radical movement and change, the terrifying moments of destruction and subsequent rebuilding inherent in these extreme weather events match my particular temperament and technique.”

American, b. 1960, Baltimore, Maryland