David Chevtaikin, ‘Eye In The Sky’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Print from original artwork: Street Graffiti Inspired Mural Painting
1/ 25 Limited Edition / Signed
Working with stencils and defacing wallpaper with spray paint has provided me with a self-made arsenal of elements to awaken and apply, a limitless collage of non-verbal languages. David is a cutting edge artist from New York city who uses fabrics, textiles and graffiti. He fused his background in music and fashion into his own instrumental style. David is playing a strong part in a new art revolution with his strong, self-assured style, characterized by a judicious use of color, a fine eye for form and proportion and a love of bold brush strokes and graffiti. David fuses his love for graffiti and abstract expressionism, with pop elements in a mural size art canvas. A fusion of clouds, white, black red grey orange green blues. This is a phenomenal piece for your interior decor. David Chevtaikin is a mid career artist with potential for growth. Few left! Invest in Art, Art is for Life!