David Choe, ‘City Girl’, 2007, Chiswick Auctions

signed, titled and numbered from an edition of 76 in pencil, stamped by the artist; sheet: 76.5 x 56.5cm

Image rights: Courtesy of Chiswick Auctions

About David Choe

Street artist David Choe’s fiercely imaginative paintings reference comics, gothic art, Surrealism, pornography, and fashion illustration. Made with oils, acrylics, and collage, the images are seductive, mischievous, and narratively complex. Choe draws a cast of mysterious beings and scenarios, from fictional GI Joe heroes wielding 1970s boom boxes and Arabic slogans, to gaggles of young urban women, to eerie human-animal hybrids. Choe’s love of animals, quest for peace and redemption, and fascination with sex are evident in his work.

American, b. 1976

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