David Dew Bruner, ‘Balla Calla #10’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery
David Dew Bruner, ‘Balla Calla #10’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery
David Dew Bruner, ‘Balla Calla #10’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery

graphite on paper in vintage wood frame
12.5 x 11 inches framed

This graphite work on paper was inspired by the work of Giacomo Balla, a celebrated artist who made major contributions to the Italian Futurism movement. The work is drawn in an abstracted, kinetic style where the artist drew continuous lines to portray the arcing outline of a calla lily, creating a shard-like effect with great movement and speed. Sweeping lines of graphite arch and intersect to form an abstracted oval shaped flower. The white Futurist style flower is contrasted against heavy, cross hatching lines of graphite. The artist fit the original drawing in a vintage brown wooden frame, measuring 12.5 x 11 inches.

About the artist:
A recent visit to David Dew Bruner’s train depot converted artist studio in Valatie, NY confirmed that the man does not sleep. Nor has he entirely put to rest the various series of graphite drawings on paper presented in a stunning array of mid-century and antique frames that were exhibited at the gallery last year. The still lives and figures inspired by artists like Velasquez, Morandi, and Lindner are morphing on a continuum of brilliance; the highly graphic influences of the Italian futurists like Giacomo Balla and Marcel du Champs, as well as the more obscure English Vortex movement have taken hold of Bruner’s intuitive approach to design as he channels it into his own drawings. The series of Infanta figures are emboldened with a new perspective and scaled up in size. A recent series of Arcs reference the gestural abstract shapes prevalent in the aesthetic of the Russian Constructivists. These works explore depth, movement, space and repetition that is more about design than reference. Bruner tastefully pairs drawings with a vintage frame from his collection, refashioning mirror frames from the 1960s or hand painting an antique Italian frame in lavender. One must see them all to believe! David Dew Bruner currently works and lives in the Hudson Valley.

About David Dew Bruner

American, Louisiana, United States, based in Valatie, NY, United States