David Dew Bruner, ‘Lindner Totem’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery
David Dew Bruner, ‘Lindner Totem’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery
David Dew Bruner, ‘Lindner Totem’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery

graphite on paper in antique gold tinted wood frame
31 x 24 inches framed

This graphite work on paper was inspired by the pop art figures by Richard Lindner. The work is drawn in an abstracted cubist style where the artist drew continuous lines in the shapes of a figure, creating a shard-like effect. Through the continuous layering of the graphite pencil the artist makes interesting organic and cubist shapes, further abstracting the figure. The drawing is completed with multiple layers of graphite. At close range, the viewer can notice under layers that were erased and redrawn. The white abstracted figure is greatly contrasted against the dark and heavy graphite background. The artist fit the original drawing in a vintage brown wooden frame measuring 31 x 24 inches. The frame exhibits wear consistent with age which is initial by the artist.

About the artist:
When he’s not designing for stained glass or city parks, David Dew Bruner unleashes yet another facet of his talents via graphite drawings. A wealth of knowledge, both studied and intuitive, Bruner finds inspiration in many of his artistic predecessors. In his process he retains a resonating detail from a particular series of work and then reinterprets and reassembles the influence into his own drawing experience. Oftentimes, drawings are the accumulation of up to four pre-existing images, as an ode to Rauschenberg's erased deKooning piece, drawn and erased any number of times until the pinnacle of Bruner's vision is achieved. Bruner has the eye of a hawk, and his years spent in dealing antiques means he knows a treasure when he finds one. Therefore, his studio, once an old train depot in Valatie, NY, has been tastefully converted to not only house his personal collection of art and mid century modern fixtures, but also to store a stockpile of vintage and modern frames. As he zealously produces one inspired work on paper after the next, he predestines a frame for each drawing before it is completed. In recent years, the artist has made two new series inspired by Morandi's bottle still lifes and Francis Bacon's portraits. The likeness of each artist's subject is expressed on paper, re-envisioned through Bruner's characteristic style of excitedly applied graphite that produce shard-like fragments embedded with deep interwoven marks. David Dew Bruner will also feature work inspired by Richard Lindner’s figures and Velasquez's Infanta Margarita.

About David Dew Bruner

American, Louisiana, United States, based in Valatie, NY, United States