david elia, ‘Mesa pipa’, 2016, Baró Galeria

This side table illustrates the famous Brazilian Kite (or “Pipa”), an important object of national cultural identity.
Kites are flown throughout Brazil especially in favela communities for leisure, beauty competitions and kite fighting battles. In this sport the goal is to cut the line of ones opponent. During kite fighting battles, there have been reported accidents due to the abrasive coated line of the kite. As a consequence this sport has become quite controversial.
“Pipa” represents a means of socio-economic upward mobility as well as a form of escapism from the everyday reality. Children of all ages engage in this playful activity regardless of the cuts caused by cutting a friend’s line.
The kite is also used as a communication tool between gangs in the Favelas flown to alert incoming police during narcotrafics.
Found objects and up cycling are apparent in “Pipa” as it describes art created from everyday materials that are modified and also considered Objets Trouvés.

About david elia

Brazilian, b. 1982, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, based in London, United Kingdom

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