David Goerk, ‘Untitled (5.17/09)’, 2009, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

(American, b. 1952, Elizabeth, New Jersey, lives and works in New York)

His art is difficult to describe.
Goerk’s objects are abstract and have no connection to other things.
They look good in almost hidden places.
They do not disappoint, but always surprise.
This is the best proof of their quality.
When you see them, they make you smile, you fall in love.

  • Giuseppe Panza di Biumo (Panza Collection, Italy)

David Goerk's work reveals an ongoing exploration of the object and pictorial attitudes—and keeps painting and sculpture in dynamic equilibrium. He has continued to work distinctively and independently in this way, keeping a magnetic and mysterious quality within each work and within bodies of work. He maintains, at the same time, a purposeful reflection of--–and upon—-history; and the masters of modern and contemporary art whom he reveres. Over the years, he has used encaustic wax as both painting medium, and a sculptural element. He both brushes on and casts the wax, sometimes within the same piece. The support is wood, with gesso, enamel, encaustic, oil, and the occasional inclusion of other mediums. Painting and sculpture are not trying to be defined here; rather, the impulse is to make an object unto itself, with its own powers. The idea of painting and the act of painting, as well as the variability of viewpoint afforded in most sculpture, seem to be sifting through and forward, with process itself remaining quite clear. In fact, clarity itself may be the subject.


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