David Halliday, ‘Rope’, 2013, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Framed, edition 2/3

This four-part nautical work by David Halliday is intended to be arranged as pictured, resulting in a large scale, evocative assembly of dusky, sepia toned photographs. The rope in the image emerges from a dark background to form large, organic loops, and drapes heavily towards the floor like a languid sea creature. The result is an image with incredible weight and almost palpable texture.

About the "Threadbare" series:
David Halliday’s photographic series, titled ‘Threadbare’, profoundly builds on his previous work, at once announcing the photographer’s maturity as an artist. Provocative iconography of lost Americana- heavily decayed objects whose original intention has been exhausted- is given a new sort of vitality as his subject matter. The series began with a discarded map, used as a dartboard, that Halliday found stapled (by a prior occupant) to the wall of his upstairs bedroom. It has become the anchor, of sorts, for the group of images presented in the exhibit.

“I carefully took the frayed and faded map off the wall, piece by piece, and for the last 10 years or so have kept it stored in a ziploc bag. This year, it was time to pull it back out again. I had the individual parts scanned, visualizing it as seen in the gallery, fragmented, but whole nevertheless. The condition of the map, of America, seemed timely. The rest of the puzzle came together quickly thereafter- the giant ‘squid’ rope, an old pirogue boat, the barnacled life preserver and weathered signs- all old objects figuratively extracted from the geography of this tattered map.”

Halliday’s images, spun out of the artist’s emotional response to a lost (fading?, diminished?) America, can feel political, ecological, and very personal. Through collage, he has re-scaled the objects to fit within his visual framework, informing the viewer of a new context for their inanimate life. Halliday’s haunting work communicates a timeless narrative; lost, found and ultimately uncertain of what lies next. Simply threadbare.

Image rights: Carrie Haddad Gallery

About David Halliday

American, b. 1958, Glen Cove, NY, United States, based in Schodack Landing, NY, United States