David Hilliard, ‘Yellow, Blue’, 2012, Watermill Center Summer Benefit Auction 2014

Estimate: $12,600.
Often staging his scenes, photographer David Hilliard presents his work in triptychs or quadriptychs—both horizontal and vertical—that capture human subjects in intimate moments and from varied angles. Yellow Blue shows a man and woman immersed in a lush cinematic field of sunlit sunflowers.

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About David Hilliard

Drawing from his personal life, David Hilliard photographs lush and vivid panoramas. Often staging his scenes, Hilliard presents his works in triptychs—both horizontal and vertical—that capture intimate scenes of human life from slightly varied angles or at different moments. Humans in the natural environment are an especial point of fascination for the artist, along with wistful scenes of domestic life—solitary subjects ironing clothing in the nude or gazing out the window. Despite the intimacy of his scenes, Hilliard asserts: “I still don’t feel like I’m ever in a moment. I always feel like I’m a spectator.”

American, b. 1964, Massachusetts