David Jang, ‘Motive’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse

About David Jang

Using such unlovely mass-produced materials as aluminum cans and Venetian blinds, David Jang crafts installations, wall pieces, and kinetic sculptures, through which he reveals the contradictions inherent in daily life. As he explains: “My work utilizes materials and object-making to articulate the countervailing forces inherent in the everyday: expansion and contraction, perfection and imperfection, force and balance, having and lacking.” For Jang, consumer and industrial goods are metaphors for our lives. He sees his practice as a form of discovery, in which he uncovers the poetry and pathos in, for example, a box fan. Prevaricate (2012) is composed of two facing walls of stacked box fans, with colored lines strung between them. As the fans turn in opposite directions, the lines become twisted and untwisted, as if illustrating the nature of prevarication itself and the way it tangles the truth.

Korean, b. 1975