David Kennedy Cutler, ‘Arena 14’, 2012, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2015
David Kennedy Cutler, ‘Arena 14’, 2012, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2015

David Kennedy Cutler’s “Arena" series serves as an introduction to the artist’s multi-media presentation of geometry, fractured imagery, and dimensional layering. Best known for drawing inspiration from the urban landscape of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Kennedy Cutler creates ruptured patterns and surfaces that reflect on the intersection of gentrification and pollution in his neighborhood. In order to make these prints, he places Plexiglas shards on an etching press and creates an inked impression of this dense composition. Kennedy Cutler is represented by Derek Eller Gallery, New York and has exhibited extensively across North America.

Two slight tears have been repaired by artist and should be considered part of the work.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Derek Eller Gallery, New York

About David Kennedy Cutler

David Kennedy Cutler brings digital media into three dimensions by combining manual sculpting processes with technological tools. Interested in “how the body engages with materiality,” Cutler often uses his own anatomy as a gestural tool to manipulate and mold his sculptural work. His first solo show at Derek Eller Gallery, New York, featured clusters of human-sized Plexiglas sheets that the artist heated and then physically entered, wrestling with the material to create anthropomorphic standing forms. In more recent work, Cutler makes artifacts of his digital life. He prints images mined from his personal computer and social media accounts onto aluminum sheets and then crushes and shapes them into dynamic sculptures.

American , b. 1979

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