David Korty, ‘Helter Skelter #2’, 2017, Night Gallery

About David Korty

David Korty is celebrated for his lush, luminous mixed-media paintings of Los Angeles, city of his home and heart. “It is a place that you can live in for 50 years and still never really grasp it in its fullness,” he describes. A 21st-century flâneur, he drives the city’s freeways and side streets, losing himself in its urban fabric, taking snapshots of everyday scenes played out among people, architecture, sidewalks, and streets. He transforms these photographs into expressionistic, semi-abstract paintings, using a stylistic vocabulary that encompasses such movements as Post-Impressionism, Pop, Cubism, and Constructivism. Fellow Californian David Hockney is an enduring influence on his work. In his recent “Film Strip” series (2013), Korty organizes his memories and impressions of L.A. into a montage of images in film strip-like compositions, a nod to an industry that defines his city.

American, b. 1971