David L. Hutchinson, ‘The Aesthete 'H'’, Paraphé

About David L. Hutchinson

Through text and colorful, abstract forms—principally geometric shapes and stripes—David L. Hutchinson explores how we ascribe meaning to words, both written and spoken, in order to create language. He writes, “As a concept based abstract artist, [I] investigate the nature of communication and the meaning of visual presentation.” Hutchinson initially planned to be an art critic and studied philosophy in graduate school. Deeply inspired by philosophical discussions of text, language, and meaning, Hutchinson came out of school an artist. In his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations, he conveys messages through color and form, with each hue in his paintings, for example, associated with a letter of the alphabet. Hutchinson uses color in place of letters to transcribe entire texts; his ultimate goal is to demonstrate that all meaning must be constructed and learned.


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