David Ligare, ‘California Coast’, 2016, Winfield Gallery

About David Ligare

Deeply influenced by the Neoclassical painters of the 17th and 18th century, David Ligare makes narrative oil paintings, still lifes, and landscapes based on classical Greco-Roman themes. “What I wanted more than anything was to search for the center or the source of Western art,” he has said of his practice. “I sought to understand the underlying principles of Greek culture...” Finding the contemporary art world saturated with a certain type of “looking”, Ligare turned to classicism to re-imagine ideas of light, balance, symmetry, and harmony. In Achilles and the Body of Patroclus (1986), Ligare paints a pivotal scene from Homer’s Iliad, his contemporary-looking figures displaying an almost modern angst and existential concern.

American, b. 1945, Oak Park, Illinois, based in Salinas, California

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Hirschl & Adler Modern at Art Southampton 2015