Pink Slim, Slim Black

On show at Berkeley Square House until June 2013

About David Mach

David Mach’s diverse practice includes everyday mass-produced objects repurposed to form cluttered collages, photographic montages of densely populated urban landscapes, figurative sculptures made of coat-hangers, and animal heads constructed with matchsticks—sometimes set on fire in performances. Mach’s work brings pop cultural imagery under the lens, suggesting social commentary but ultimately taking ambiguous positions on its subjects. His large-scale postcard collages aggregate smaller images to the service of a unified whole, often to witty or disturbing effect. In Maneater (2007), for example, an overtly sexual female nude is composed of hundreds of postcards of Hannibal Lecter, while Tour of Duty (2007) is a rippling American flag assembled from images of Pamela Anderson in her trademark Baywatch bathing suit.

British, b. 1956, Methil, Fife, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

Group Shows on Artsy

2016 Summer Group Show, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
Cool Britannia, Opera Gallery, Seoul
Tempo, Opera Gallery, Monaco
British Contemporary, Opera Gallery, Singapore
Contemporary Emotion, Opera Gallery, London