David Maljkovic, ‘New Reproduction’, 2013, Sprüth Magers

'David Maljkovic', Sprüth Magers London, April 10 - May 9, 2015
'David Maljkovic', Kunstmuseum St Gallen - Lokremise, 15 February - 3 August 2014

About David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic’s films, collages, sculpture, and installations address the historical, cultural, and ideological heritage of modernist projects in Croatia. In a 2010 exhibition, “Recalling Frames,” Maljkovic’s photomontages combined still images from Orson Welles' film The Trial, a haunting damnation of inhuman bureaucracy shot in Zagreb in 1962, with the artist's own contemporary photographs of the filming locations. Maljkovic meticulously photographed Zagreb's Cold War-era Modernist buildings from the same extreme angles used in the film. Splicing together black-and-white negatives, the works form a sort of compression of decades of political and urban change.

Croatian, b. 1973, Rijeka, Croatia, based in Zagreb, Croatia

Exhibition Highlights

Annet Gelink Gallery, 
David Maljkovic - Vignettes
Annet Gelink Gallery,