David Maljkovic, ‘Temporary Projections (version 2)’, 2012, Metro Pictures

About David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic’s films, collages, sculpture, and installations address the historical, cultural, and ideological heritage of modernist projects in Croatia. In a 2010 exhibition, “Recalling Frames,” Maljkovic’s photomontages combined still images from Orson Welles' film The Trial, a haunting damnation of inhuman bureaucracy shot in Zagreb in 1962, with the artist's own contemporary photographs of the filming locations. Maljkovic meticulously photographed Zagreb's Cold War-era Modernist buildings from the same extreme angles used in the film. Splicing together black-and-white negatives, the works form a sort of compression of decades of political and urban change.

Croatian, b. 1973, Rijeka, Croatia, based in Zagreb, Croatia

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