David McDonald, ‘Casting Amongst the Sands #25’, 2015, David B. Smith Gallery

Image rights: Courtesy David McDonald and David B. Smith Gallery

About David McDonald

David McDonald’s abstract paintings and sculptures fuse the art of the readymade with assemblage, Minimalism, and Postminimalism. Composed of unremarkable materials such as raw and painted wood, bricks, paper, cement, and plaster, McDonald’s sculptures propose an aesthetic rooted in the organic and handmade. Frequent motifs in McDonald’s works include cubes, cylinders, and enamel-coated cement columns resembling tombstones, and their off-kilter compositions suggest a tension between order and chaos. Sometimes titled as self-portraits, McDonald’s abstract forms can be viewed as surrogates for the self.

American, Liverpool, United Kingdom, based in Los Angeles, California

Group Shows

333 Montezuma Arts, 
Santa Fe,