David Mitchell, ‘AB 098’, 2012, Jim Kempner Fine Art

About David Mitchell

David Mitchell’s abstract and luminous photographs document his experiences of left temporal lobe epilepsy. “Auras (a type of seizure attributed to LTLE) producing long déjà vu experiences, intensify the ongoing sense of familiar connections and altered perceptions,” he says. “This phenomenon may explain the emotional connection to places and things.” Mitchell’s photographs are memories of his heightened, almost extrasensory perceptions during these episodes, which open up new memories of familiar environments and experiences that occur beyond the five senses. He translates his memories of these out of body experiences into the photographer’s syntax by manipulating framing, depth of field, color, and viewpoint. A meticulous digital editing process allows Mitchell to add new depth and complexity to the immediacy of his photographic experience.

British, b. 1964