David Musgrave, ‘Stained and faded plane’, 2014, Luhring Augustine

About David Musgrave

Through drawing and sculpture, David Musgrave transforms materials and mediums and explores the interaction of abstraction and representation, thoughts and objects. Emerging out of a layered approach, Musgrave's drawings resemble mysterious relics or artifacts—Rope animal (2008) is a meticulous graphite image of an imaginary rope sculpture, depicted as though it were an image drawn on a folded sheet of paper, a drawing of a drawing. Musgrave achieves a similar effect by different means in Film (2008), a multi-part aluminum sculpture of a figure that appears to be made of tape. Mimicking stop-action animation or a flipbook, Musgrave sculpts the same figure in 35 different poses, animating the work in an imagined transformation.

English, b. 1973, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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