David Poppie, ‘Hum’, 2009, Pavel Zoubok Gallery

About David Poppie

David Poppie comments on the disposable nature of much of contemporary culture, repurposing tea bags, matchbooks, plastic cutlery, and the like for his collages. “Through the gathering of the discards of contemporary culture, I ask the viewer to reconsider the function and value of these objects,” he says. Poppie’s abstract sculptures, collages, and installations are most often composed of a single medium—sometimes organic (birch wood, onion skins)—and rooted in Minimalism, with typically geometric and colorful compositions. For “(re)mixed media” (2008), a collaborative project with Roger Sayre, Poppie assembled an installation of cassette tapes, VHS magnetic recording tape, and photograms of colorful vinyl records. In resuscitating the obsolete, homely recording materials, the artists invite viewers to look at them from a new vantage point. Like all Poppie’s work, it highlights how briefly we value the objects around us.

American, based in Easthampton, Massachusetts

Group Shows

Pavel Zoubok at PULSE Miami 2012