David Rathman, ‘Still Waiting For Your Answer’, 2017, Highpoint Editions

Image rights: Image courtesy of the artist and Highpoint Editions. Photo Credit: David Kern

Publisher: Highpoint Editions

About David Rathman

In delicate watercolors and video works, David Rathman conjures the romance and nostalgia associated with the Wild West and explores American male icons of popular culture and mythology: wistful, sepia-toned images of cowboys, their forms bleeding into the barren landscapes that surround them, and watercolors of rock stars and athletes such as the historic 1974 fight between boxers Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. “I always circle around this boy/man stuff: hubris and testosterone, vulnerability, fear, and winning and losing,” he has said. Rathman has also produced video works that feature moving narratives set to atmospheric soundtracks.

American, b. 1958, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota