David Roberts, ‘Five Views of Egypt’, Skinner

Five Views of Egypt:Thebes, Great Hall at Karnac, Nov. 28.1838., 1846;View from under the Portico of Temple of Edfou, Upper Egypt, 1847; Front Elevation of the Great Temple of Aboosimble, Nubia, 1848; Entrance to the Tombs of the Kings of Thebes, Biban-el-Molook, 1848; and Statues of Memnon at Thebes during the Inundation, 1848.
Each identified within the matrix.
Image sizes approximately 13 3/4 x 20 3/8 in. (34.8 x 51.7 cm), framed.

About David Roberts

Scottish, 1796-1864, Edinburgh, United Kingdom