David S. Allee, ‘3:46 pm, Goldman Sachs Headquarters’, 2010, Morgan Lehman Gallery

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Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Morgan Lehman Gallery.

About David S. Allee

A former urban planner, David S. Allee is a photographer of misfit landscape and architecture. “I’m drawn to photograph places that seem unguided by traditional issues of planning or architecture and seem to have been formed by accident,” he says. Allee has created thematic series featuring expanses of parking lots, stadiums, and urban construction. One of his better-known series is “Cross Lands,” (2006) which explores constructed spaces that serve multiple uses, such as rooftop parking lots and highway billboards. Allee also plays with the technical processes of photography to create illusions of light in his compositions; examples include using long exposure times near artificial lighting at night so that the scene appears brightly illuminated, or using high shutter speeds in daytime to create the impression of dark skies.

American, b. 1969, based in New York, New York