David Tremlett, ‘ROLL ON (PALERMO) #1’, 2016, Miguel Marcos

David Tremlett (England, 1945) is one of the most versatile artists in the modern world. He studied sculpture at the Brimingham School of Art (United Kingdom) and then at the Royal College of Art (London, United Kingdom. In his artistic proposals, Tremlett makes drawings without artifices, simple, clear, neat and orderly, without passion or absolutism, through forms that in spite of their edges, do not emit intimidation, but dynamics of displacement and movement.
In his mural work, the artist is much more architectural and structured. Each of his works comes from a specific project, being the nakedness of the wall, a new field of experimentation without definite limits, with perfectly assembled pieces but individually free, differing only in the forms. The units alone constitute a nucleus, but require the coupling to form a conjunct.

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