David Trulli, ‘Event #8’, 2013, Robert Berman Gallery

Event Horizon (noun): A boundary beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. Once an object reaches the event horizon, there is no turning back, the events that are going to happen will happen. It is only a matter of time.

In these black and white pieces, ivy twists its way through chain link fences. The fence is a boundary to us, but porous all the same and provides no resistance to the ivy that moves to either side at will. Beyond the fence is the universe of the other side.

So which side of the fence are we on? Are we isolated from outside influence, or have we passed beyond the event horizon, in thrall to the possibilities there?

ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY is pleased to present Event Horizon, an exhibition of new, large-scale scratchboards by David Trulli.
David Trulli works in scratchboard: a white clay-coated board, covered with black ink. Fine knives are used to delicately scrape away the ink, creating the image. A former cinematographer, Trulli compares working in scratchboard to lighting a film set: “it starts out black and you add light.”

David Trulli was born in New York and currently lives and works in Hollywood.

About David Trulli