David Wojnarowicz, ‘Untitled’, 1984, Cosmocosa
David Wojnarowicz, ‘Untitled’, 1984, Cosmocosa

The original work included a plastic world globe located in between the mouth as other similar works by the artist and on photographs taken in 1984 reproduced in newspaper articles. This was a generic plastic globe, bought by the artist in bulk for his works. So far, The Estate of Luis Frangella (original provenance), has not found this item and it is possible the artist took it with him back to New York when returning from Buenos Aires to re-use in his works, or that the family of Luis Frangella discarded it as an irrelevant element in Frangella's holdings.

Series: Buenos Aires' Series.

Image rights: © The Estate of David Wojnarowicz / P.P.O.W Gallery N.Y. Image courtesy Cosmocosa.

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The Estate of Luis Frangella.

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