David Yarrow, ‘Bear Walks Into A Bar’, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

Series: Brown Bear

Sometimes the most engaging pictures just happen with no real forward planning, but rather a spontaneous reaction to a fresh canvas that just presents itself. This staged shot in a ghost town in Montana was one such occasion.
We had finished filming on a cold January morning and retreated to the only working premises in the deserted town to get warm and have a drink. Our refuge met every preconception of what a timeless wild west American inn should look like - a long wooden bar, wagon wheels on the ceiling, faded black and white photographs of the glory years, the odd moose head and of course a pool table.
I asked the bar owner, Rosie - who had a “seen it all before” look about him, if he had a problem with us bringing a bear into the deserted bar. Not a normal request perhaps, but he welcomed the idea, only asking what the bear liked to drink.
The central premise of the shot was that I wanted everyone to behave as if a bear in a bar was the most normal occurrence in this part of the world - they should act with total indifference.
From the Series "Wolf Of Main Street"

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