David Yarrow, ‘The King and I ’, 2016, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

Both listing are FRAMED sizes. Also available unframed Standard: 37" x 46" / Large: 56" x 70"

Series: African Lions

He is the king of the food chain, the king of the animal world and my default position is that a portrait of a lion must emphatically convey this. The closer the camera to the lion, the more immersive the image and the more detail we can see in the lion’s face. The lower the camera, the more dominant and formidable the lion appears. I have worked with remote controls a great deal over the last three years and refined my approach – 3ft and a 35m lens offer the best imagery. It would not be the choice of many, but I prioritise resolution over frames per second and whilst this makes a clean capture all the more challenging, when you get the shot, the rewards are worthwhile.

This is the best I can do.

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