Davide Monteleone, ‘Arctic Coordinates’, 2012, ILEX Gallery

Northern Sea route from Murmansk, Russia to Huanghua, China on board the vessel Nordic Odyssey.
“Odyssey is a travel with a lot of trouble. Maybe this is also how life is.”

  • Edison, AB (able seaman on board of the vessel)
    “A Modern Odyssey” is a project made during a real, non-invented, journey on the cargo ship Nordic Odyssey, transporting 70,000 tons of iron ore from the Russian port city Murmansk. It waded through the ice of the Arctic waters, led by an icebreaker, then crossed foggy Bering Strait and continued along the far-eastern parts of Russia and Japan before arriving to a newly built port on the shore of China.
  • Davide Monteleone

Signature: Signed by artist and embossed with ILEX Gallery seal.

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