Davis Rhodes, ‘Untitled’, 2012, Office Baroque

About Davis Rhodes

Davis Rhodes’s multimedia works appropriate and manipulate images from commercial advertisements, in a critical statement about the illusions and artifice of consumer culture. He culls these images from popular and commonplace sources—like hip hop posters, neon signs, and store awnings—and reduces them to unrecognizably angular, abstract shapes, rendered in jewel-like monochromatic color. These are typically printed onto backing made from cheap materials, including foam core, photographic paper, Plexiglas, and vinyl; he eschews only the traditional stretched canvases. Rhodes arrived at his practice while earning his MFA at Columbia, where he noticed the awkward visual dynamic between graffiti and corporate marketing in the streets. He similarly wants his viewers to feel disorientation, to “not know where to stand or how to organize themselves from any fixed point in relation to the effects of the work.”

Canadian, b. 1983