Day-z, ‘Pin Up Girl Blue’, 2017, Flat Space Art
Day-z, ‘Pin Up Girl Blue’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Original Drawing using Pen, pencil and Colour Pencil on Ticket Board.

Contemporary artist Day-Z is making really big waves in the Art world. Her works sell quickly. She uses techniques learned from the old masters in combination with urban inspired ideas, often fusing fine art and street art to convey contemporary trends with a life-like quality. One of the main themes throughout her work is the blend of consumerism and advertising, exploring how universal celebrity icons and global brands impact upon our lives and how gender stereotypes are portrayed in the media. Inspired by the iconic Playboy imagery, the use of a bunny head placed on the body of a human immediately creates intrigue and fascination. With the juxtaposition of the black and white animal with the tan skin of the model referencing to the icon and supermodel Kate Moss, Day-Z brings attention to the abnormality of its creation and what the artist is trying to say.

Bringing you her latest works, this pin up Original drawing is about taking the early proliferation of seductive pretty girls in media from the 1930s and putting a modern street style splash to them. Often dubbed the Golden Era of Glamour the black splatter hints at the more corrosive and dirty side of the industry. In contrast to this, the vibrant blood red and blue colours of their sparse outfits add to the playful allure.

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