Day-z, ‘Snow White and Her Apple’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Snow White and Apple is an A3 silk screen which like much of Day-z's work mixes iconic imagery with commercial brands - in this case the apple is the poison. One of 10 limited edition silk screens Day-z uses techniques learned from the old masters and combines them with urban inspired ideas, often fusing fine art and street art to convey contemporary trends with a lifelike quality. One of the main themes throughout her work is the blend of consumerism and advertising - the way universal celebrity icons and global brands impact upon our lives and how gender stereotypes are portrayed in the media. Disney princess, silkscreen depicts one of the disney princess with the iconic apple phone and headphones, ear phones in striking white in contrast to the black gold and red detailing. Few left! Absolutely stunning. Day-z is a mid career artist with potential for growth. Invest in Art, Art is for Life!

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