Deborah Bay, ‘Circular Domains’, 2016, Wall Space Gallery

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Light is everywhere, present but elusive, impossible to hold in your hand. As an essential element in photography and in the perception of color, light is an endless source of fascination. The images in “Traveling Light” are constructed using elementary optics to explore the behavior of light as it travels across lenses and prisms. Gels create washes of color in the background, while prisms and lenses are layered and stacked at angles to capture light wrapping around form. Chromatic geometries emerge from the planes and lines of color. The images are produced in-camera; one exception digitally updates an analog layering process. This work follows in a long lineage of studies involving light and lenses in a controlled studio environment, from the Bauhaus of the 1920s with its “new vision” for photography to more contemporary works.

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About Deborah Bay

American, Cleveland, OH, United States, based in Houston, TX, United States

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