Deborah Dancy, ‘Sister’, 2015, Rush Philanthropic Benefit Auction 2015

Multimedia artist Deborah Dancy is compelled by the challenge of keeping representative imagery at bay. She captures the moment when abstraction is on the verge of figural specificity and definition. While her abstract paintings emerge from an intuitive process of layering and removal, her photographic works are more direct reflections on beauty and the sublime. Dancy is represented by N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami and Sears Peyton Gallery, New York, and is featured in several public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Detroit Institute of Art.


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Image rights: Courtesy of N'Namai Contemporary

About Deborah Dancy

Painter and printmaker Deborah Dancy has stated that her paintings are about “color, surprise, absurdity and encounters with the self.” To that end, the artist has devoted much of her career to exploring the ways in which abstraction can become concrete. Her thick, color-filled strokes create fragmented bursts that challenge the spatial construction of the frame and the visual space in which they exist. Her compositions launch a dialogue between representation and abstraction that Dancy is invested in stripping bare.

American, b. 1949, Alabama, based in Hartford, Connecticut