Deborah Kass, ‘2 Red Barbras (Jewish Jackie Series)’, Freeman's


In 1992, Kass began work on "The Warhol Project", a multi-year exploration of and response to the work of Andy Warhol. "The Jewish Jackie" series was a specific response to Warhol's iconic portraits of Jackie Kennedy. Kass, however, was inspired by Barbra Streisand, a Jewish celebrity whom Kass greatly admired and to whom she could more closely identify.

Signature: Signed, dated 93, titled and dedicated 'for Robineau - with love for 18 more years' verso

The Artist.
Private Collection, Pennsylvania (gifted directly from the above).

About Deborah Kass

Walking the line between respectful homage and brazen appropriation, Deborah Kass mimics and reworks the signature styles of some of the 20th century’s most iconic male artists—including Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Ed Ruscha—in her bold, meticulous paintings. “They’re my daddies,” she has said, in witty acknowledgment of her indebtedness to her male antecedents. Kass’s alterations of their work in her own paintings are both bitingly funny formal interventions and keenly critical commentary on the historically dominant position of male artists. Feminism is central to her approach. As she explains: “It is about my desire to be part of what they’re a part of. […] I think the desire was ambition and greatness. For women of my age, it was still not very cool to be overtly ambitious.”

American, b. 1952, San Antonio, Texas, based in Brooklyn, New York

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Heiner Contemporary, 
STASH: Polly Apfelbaum, Ingrid Calame, Tara Donovan, Deborah Kass, Kate Shepherd, Jon-Phillip Sheridan and Austin Thomas