Debra Ramsay, ‘Lichen And Mushroom M3A’, 2016, IdeelArt
Debra Ramsay, ‘Lichen And Mushroom M3A’, 2016, IdeelArt

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This work on plexiglass is part of a series titled Hue[s]pace.

Hue[s]pace continues Ramsay's investigation of color, location, light and time. Many colors used for this series have been found during her residency at the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation in Bethany, CT.

The artworks demonstrate her thinking of color. Ramsay would borrow, capture, discover color photographically then interpret it into a paint formula with the aid of a computer program, not harming or physically removing anything from its original location.

The sources of these colors come from the natural environment, either a color that is surrounding, such as the sky, or a color from something minuscule, as a flower petal, that could easily be overlooked.

Signature: Verso

From the artist’s studio

About Debra Ramsay

American, b. 1957, based in New York, NY, United States