Debranne Cingari, ‘Substitute Me for Him’, 2014, Cavalier Galleries

About Debranne Cingari

Both photographer and assemblage artist, Debranne Cingari often combines the two genres into text reliefs and cityscapes. With a background in photojournalism and a hobby of collecting random, assorted objects, she introduces found items such as keys, locks, and book pages into her photographs, welding, drilling, screwing, gluing, and sewing them to the images. Cingari then photographs the works, either sitting alone or tacked onto an existing, large-scale photograph. Her photography often features sensuous black-and-white images of nude women. Such amalgamated compositions give new meaning to old objects, while inviting the viewer to consider the their history and previous uses.

American, b. 1963, based in Weston, Connecticut