Délio Jasse, ‘Terreno Ocupado’, 2014, Tiwani Contemporary

About Délio Jasse

Using photography as a vehicle for experimentation, Jasse works with found passport photos and family albums to explore what he calls “latent imagery.” In this new context, previously unseen elements in the images are revealed. Although he works with photographs, Jasse claims that his artwork is not purely photographic; rather, photography serves as a point of departure—whether through analog printing methods or layered, superimposed images—to alter spatial construction. In his “Pontus” series of manually tinted emulsions, for example, Jasse flattens, juxtaposes, and highlights different scenes to direct the viewer’s gaze and highlight the evolution and cultural convergences of postcolonial Angola.

Angolan, b. 1980, Luanda, Angola, based in Lisbon and Milan