Delta 2 (Jean Gallard), ‘Untitled’, Koller Auctions

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The Graffiti artist Delta 2, born in Spanish Harlem, begins his carrier with the so-called Subway-Paintings in the late 1970s. What most characterises a sprayer is his anonymity, but nonetheless there are always specific hallmarks, known to connoisseurs, that help unravel the mystery of who the author of the artwork is. While creating their spray paintings on subway cars, the artists communicate between themselves. In the 1980s, the art market discovers the quality of these quick and expressive works of art that flourish all over town. Delta 2’s work is also displayed in various European galleries in the 1980s and today. In order to adapt to the new requirements and demand of the gallery space, these works are often also created on canvas.

Image rights: Courtesy of Koller Auktionen

Stuttgart 1984, Galerie Schurr. Graffiti Writers aus New York, 7 July - 31 August 1984.

Galerie Schurr, Stuttgart.

Acquired from the above by the present owner; since then private collection Southern Germany.