Denis Darzacq, ‘Hyper No. 34 ’, 2007-09, Aperture Foundation

Series: Hyper

Signature: Signed and numbered by the artist

About Denis Darzacq

Best know for his images that capture the poetic expressionism of bodies in motion, Denis Darzacq’s varied series all share a preoccupation with duality and incongruity — nature and culture, digital versus human, creation versus consumption. His popular "La Chute" (2005-2006) and "Hyper" (2007-2009) documented dancers flying and falling in unusual contortions, mirroring the anxiety of a generation caught at the sociopolitical crossroads of the times. While a later iteration, "Act" (2008-1011) invited young people with disabilities to express freedom from limitations by performing in a similar manner. More recently with "Doublemix" (2014-2015) and "Contreformes" (2017), a new formalism has emerged but the photo/sculpture experimentations are still as much a commentary about consumerism and life in the digital age as they are about aesthetics. With an allegorical sensibility and collaborative spirit, Darzacq fluently alternates between documentary and abstraction capturing the cultural consciousness of a world in flux.

French, b. 1961, Paris, France, based in Paris, France