Denis Darzacq, ‘Hyper No. 34 ’, 2007-09, Aperture Foundation

Signature: Signed and numbered by the artist

About Denis Darzacq

Best known for his images of bodies suspended midair—whether frozen in a violent act or in spiritual, ballet-like levitation—Paris-based photographer Denis Darzacq uses the expression of the human body to transcend its own limitations. In a sociological exploration of man and space, since his 1986 graduation from the French National School of Decorative Arts, Darzacq has explored such domains as the rock scene, the nocturnal life of Parisians, and French youth culture. In a recent series, Darzacq worked with young adults with disabilities like Down's Syndrome and cerebral palsy; he expressed the individuality of each subject through capturing gestures, clothing, and attitudes. Although inflicted by similar ailments, the subjects were sourced from a variety of backgrounds and locations, and through collaboration with Darzacq were able share a deeply personal expression of their inner-selves.

French, b. 1961, Paris, France

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