Denise Hickey, ‘I Made a Tool to Measure Space’, 2013, The Nunnery

The different coloured fabric sections refer to Edward T Hall's proximity space: In his theory 18" = Intimate space, 48” = Personal space, 144” = social space & 300” = public space. It explores the idea of Hall’s definitive and definite rule, how it works in reality and how it can be used to define/redefine our own space.

The work is constructed with a Brechtian philosophy in mind and attempts to physically manifest the absurdity of the theory. In version 2, the tool to measure space has been developed to be worn by the user.

It can be used in situations when it is required to visually and physically define space.

The tool plays with the connections between utopian living and domestic space as well as how we, as individuals, develop strategies to coexist in communal spaces.

It is an exploration the societal notions and expectations of how we occupy spaces and gives a means to play in this arena.

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