Denise Regan, ‘Red Bureau’, 2007, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

About Denise Regan

Denise Regan believes that the “artist’s work is like that of a gardener. The gardener prunes, adds, and removes”—an apt comparison in light of Regan’s proclivity for floral and natural subject matter. Regan, who works in a combination of oil and encaustic, is well known for her still lifes and landscapes in electrified colors and wild patterns. In her oeuvre are also series of nudes in interiors, as well as several circus scenes. In the past, her images have been flattened and abstracted, but still recognizably referential. Since moving to a 2,500-acre nature reserve in 2004, however, Regan has reported her own shift towards simplified forms and pure abstraction. Her more recent works are grid-based compositions that explore color values and palettes.