Dennis Church, ‘Public Attire Series 456, Naples, Florida’, 2010, IMAGE IN PROGRESS

Dennis Church, born in rural Iowa, USA, was recently recognized with inclusion of his photographs in the book, Bystander, A History of Street Photography. His pictures are presented as one of the new directions of street photography by the authors Joel Meyerowitz and Colin Westerbeck. He is fascinated by both the harmonics and discordances of color. Growing up in rural America presents the need for much auto travel which has helped form Dennis’ interest in movement through space; while driving or walking, and movement of subjects and objects in photographs. He also often depicts mundane and static objects in a way to suggest movement.

Series: Public Attire

Signature: Signed on front with caption and edition number

Image rights: Dennis Church

Solo show at The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center in Ft Myers Florida in 2013.

Dennis Church

About Dennis Church

American, b. 1949, Mason City, IA, USA, based in Bonita Springs, FL, USA