Dennis Mukai, ‘Poule Mouillee’, 2016, Robert Berman Gallery
Dennis Mukai, ‘Poule Mouillee’, 2016, Robert Berman Gallery

“The method of creating my paintings is subtractive. A paint brush is never used. The surface layer of dark paint is removed with sandpaper to reveal varying degrees of the white gesso surface underneath as opposed to the more traditional method of applying paint to a gessoed surface. The technique is slow and precise. The process of minutely abrading and distressing the two-dimensional surface to ‘sculpt’ the images becomes an obsessive meditation.
In this new series my paintings are an exploration of double entendres. The juxtaposition and ambiguity of my word play is intended to bring relief to the dark, evocative visuals. The humor is personal, intentional…and at times, abrasive.”
-Dennis Mukai

Image rights: Dennis Mukai

About Dennis Mukai

Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, based in Ojai, CA, United States