Desire Obtain Cherish, ‘The American Landscape’, 2015, UNIX Gallery
Desire Obtain Cherish, ‘The American Landscape’, 2015, UNIX Gallery

About Desire Obtain Cherish

Working under the alias Desire Obtain Cherish (D.O.C.), Jonathan Paul emerged as a street artist in the early 2000s. Merging street, pop, conceptual, and appropriation art, D.O.C.’s cast resin sculptures are marked by a subversive edge, satirizing status symbols and revealing a commerce-driven social conscience. A stint at an advertising agency helped D.O.C. understand the psychology of communication and contributed to his marketing-driven ideas and artistic style, which boasts a glossy, modern finish and unexpected juxtapositions. His “Designer Drugs” (2013) series, for example, addresses the concept of a “shopper’s high” by featuring luxury brand logos on pill packets. “Heresy’s Cross” (2013) consists of crucifixes made of melting Hershey’s chocolate bars; the series calls attention to contemporary objects of worship.

American, b. 1975, Salinas, California, based in Los Angeles, California

Exhibition Highlights

White Dot Gallery, 
Fall 2015 Group Show