Diana Thater, ‘Chernobyl’, 2011, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Installation view at Hauser & Wirth, London, 2011

Dimensions variable

Image rights: Courtesy of Diana Thater Photo by Peter Mallet, courtesy Hauser & Wirth

"Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination"

Venue: LACMA, Los Angeles (2015-2016)

Pinault Collection

About Diana Thater

Diana Thater’s installations challenge the notions of narrative and representation in film and video. Focusing on the ways in which humans relate to the natural world, as well as the historical power dynamics between humans and animals, Thater’s films are based on staged premises and heavily mediated by the presence of the camera. For one of the installations in her 2008 exhibition entitled “Here is a text about the world,” Thater shot aerial footage that allowed viewers to see falconers and their grounded birds from above, reversing the usual perspectival relationship between human and bird. A significant aspect of Thater’s practice is laying bare the secrets of her medium by placing projectors prominently in a space, undermining the illusion as she creates it.

American, b. 1962, San Francisco, California, based in Los Angeles, California