Dianne L. Massey Dunbar, ‘Mountain Dew’, 2014, Gallery 1261

About Dianne L. Massey Dunbar

Dianne L. Massey Dunbar’s photorealistic paintings seek to reveal the hidden spirituality and unnoticed beauty of everyday life. Rather than constructing her still lifes from flowers, fruit, and elements of the natural world, Dunbar prefers consumer products, which she positions within the context of human industry. “I consider myself a fairly ordinary person, so perhaps I can relate more to a bottle of ketchup than I can to a vase of flowers,” she says. For example, in Clean (2011), she paints dishes that have been placed in a dishwasher by an implied though invisible human hand. Her urban landscapes also feature a human presence, often including men working on construction sites or with mechanical objects such as Legos, bicycles, and engines.

American, Denver, Colorado, based in Denver, Colorado