Diego Singh, ‘The imminence of things that never happened’, 2002-2011, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Diego Singh

Diego Singh is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores language, communication, and confusion relating to perception. Singh, who studied both social communications and art direction, believes it is important to relate his art to the dynamics and dialogues taking place in the real world, and avoid art that is “dining on its own references alone with no friends, talking to itself.” For example, he creates works that have cross-disciplinary references—for example, paintings that refer to the history of sculpture. He has also created a series of paintings based on the visual idiom of CAPTCHA text. A recurring theme in his work is the self-portrait, which for Singh an allegorical vehicle to question the fixity of character traits, gender, and history.

Argentinian, Salta, Argentina, based in Los Angeles; New York City; Miami

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Galleria Macca at UNTITLED, Miami Beach 2016